SalesWorks is a sales development advisory providing strategy, structure and insight into the B2B software and software-enabled services space.

We specialise in Inside Sales and Sales Development using our unique 4S Methodology

2.5% loss in revenue

Companies can lose anywhere between 1% and 2.5% of their total revenue on the time it takes to bring a new hire up to speed.

We recruit, onboard and train sales professionals to bring them up to speed and get them generating revenue as quickly as possible.

40% v 5% conversion

With the right rigour and speed of follow up, companies with sales development teams can generate a much higher touch to conversion rate at 40%.

We utilise a multichannel approach to improve your response times and improve your conversions.

7x improvement

You are 7x more likely to have a meaningful conversation with a prospect if you follow up within an hour.

We create sales strategies to ensure you are agile and capitalising on this opportunity, speaking to the right people at the right moment and with the right message.

How can we help you?

Our Methodology

There are four elements that combine to create a successful and efficient sales operation. It’s the alignment of these four elements that drives everything we do at SalesWorks. We call this our 4S Methodology:



Competency frameworks

Target setting

Team structure and alignment to field

Marketing alignment

Go to-market strategy

Conversion metrics and campaign effectiveness

Campaign approach / methodology

Optimising your CRM, marketing automation, calling technology

Lead to oppotunity workflow process

Performance dashboards

When you have alignment in Skills, Structure, Strategy and Systems, you can drive your performance and your people forward to not only meet, but exceed their targets and expectations.

About us

SalesWorks is a sales development advisory providing strategy, structure and insight into the B2B software and software-enabled services space.

We focus on two key areas:

Inside Sales

Modernizing sales strategy through a remote, revenue-generating approach, focusing on high value, low volume deals, building out a capability to execute the high flow of opportunities across up-sell, cross-sell, “unloved” accounts and premium support services.

Sales Development

Optimizing demand generation through the alignment of sales and marketing, driving best practice on inbound qualification and outbound go-to-market campaigns, maximizing ROI on Marketing Qualified Leads and generating pipeline for the field sales organization.

What our clients say

"Shabri has that rare ability of being able to listen well and then uses this to deliver relevant, real-world practical advice based on her excellent knowledge of selling, that directly impacts the actions of your sales teams."

Ben Gaston, Sales Director, Toshiba TEC

"Over the course of my career, I have used consultants for many projects with different degrees of success. What set Shabri at Salesworks apart from others was her ability to quickly develop a collaborative relationship with the team and build a practical plan. The program she recommended will remain a part of our business long after the project completion"

Tom Ogburn, Chief Revenue Officer, Mitratech

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Shabri! She is one of those rare people who can, direct, consult, mentor, develop and see the results immediately. Her depth understanding of Inside Sales is uniquely comprehensive – any technology company would be lucky to have her on board!"

Louise Agostini, Head of Inside Sales at Access Group