Meet the Team

Founder & CEO

Shabri Lakhani

Shabri started her career as an SDR and brings over 10 years of experience within the inside sales and sales development space , where she spent 7 years at the largest fintech in Europe, private equity owned, Finastra. Shabri spent 3 years in the UAE building the team for Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific from scratch where she built a deep understanding of nuances and considerations when building out international sales teams. At Finastra, she successfully built a global team from 2 to 50 people, whilst creating a revenue generating inside sales team closing an additional £3m annually. In 2018, Shabri started SalesWorks - a global training and consulting firm purely focused on sales team development that has reimagined the legacy approach to training.


Matthew Iovanni

Matthew has developed a career around helping businesses gain traction. With more than 17 years as a Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales, and two-time Board Member, he has been in the shoes of every sales role. Armed with a passion for turnarounds and a relentless drive to succeed, he enjoys building great teams in any organization he encounters.


Stephen Barone

Stephen has dedicated his career to helping organisations build sustainable sales and marketing programs. Bringing a decade of experience in both the tech and service sectors, he is passionate about inbound marketing. With both strategic and tactical acumen in a number of business areas, Stephen helps our clients develop strategy, implement systems, execute programs, and achieve sustainable growth.


Jonathan Medeiros

Jonathan brings a decade of experience in finance to SalesWorks, having worked in companies large and small. He was most recently on the management team of a digital health startup, helping to scale up through Series A and beyond. With a penchant for leveraging sound financial data to make decisions, he is passionate about driving businesses forward through impactful partnerships with sales and marketing leaders.

Account Director & Strategist

Fabiana Vilsan

Fabiana graduated from Brown University with a degree in International Relations and went straight to work executing demand generation programs for clients globally. Fabiana draws on her diverse experience across technology marketing and strategy consulting to create custom-built inbound and outbound campaigns for her clients, specializing in a multi-channel approach including prospecting, lead lifecycle nurture, ABM, and paid digital.

Head of Consulting

Blake Kendrick

Blake acts as Head of Consulting Services for SalesWorks and advises business leaders and their employees on how to apply sales process best practices to their business operations systems. Blake specializes in optimizing CRM, marketing automation, and sales enablement platforms to ensure key business intelligence data can be captured consistently without compromising user experience. When not solving systems challenges, you can usually find Blake working his way through a jigsaw puzzle or trying out a new recipe.

Operations Assistant

Ceci De Benedictis

Cecilia assists with the daily running of SalesWorks. She brings experience from 6 years at Google; within the UK Sales Team, followed by Business Assistant to the VP of SEEMEA before becoming a Programme Manager for Google [X]. Cecilia joined SalesWorks after a short break from the corporate world, raising her family and a startup.

Consultant, Sales Technology

Grant Bedard

Grant Bedard brings his expertise and knowledge of business technologies to redefine his clients' data structure and workflows to SalesWorks. With years of sales operations experience under his belt, his hands-on approach with various sales tech platforms has helped him consistently deliver sales tech stacks with efficient interoperability for his clients. An avid outdoorsman and athlete, he spends his time between Somerville and the mountains of New England.