Open-Enrollment Workshop: Leading Your SDR Team

Discover how to manage, motivate, and lead an SDR team in the upcoming open-enrollment workshop on SDR Management.

When: June 29th and 30th (8am-12pm EST, 1pm-5pm BST)
Where: Virtual
How Much: $1100/ £825 + VAT
Who: SDR Managers, Sales Team Leaders


Designed for SDR leaders that are looking to develop their leadership skills and invest in their personal development , with focus on the following:

The strategic and people skills necessary to attract, motivate, and manage a high performing team
Situational leadership and coaching styles for attracting talent, motivating your team, and managing KPIs
How to become an effective SDR leader in an interactive and actionable workshop environment
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Interactive Virtual Workshop

Join us for a 1 day practical workshop that covers key areas across our 4s methodology for SDR managers. If you're new to SDR leadership or looking to invest in your personal development to help you motivate and manage your team then this workshop is designed for you. We'll be covering:

  • Situational leadership
  • Attracting top talent
  • Building capability within 30 days
  • Motivating your team
  • Metrics that matter
  • Driving engagement with remote teams
  • The 8 essential manager meetings
  • Stakeholder management
  • Tech stack and tools


The course shared practical advice I could implement that day as well as ongoing best practices I could use to help improve my team and my coaching. Even in a remote environment the training was very engaging and there was a good balance of group activity and self reflection.I have been so impressed with the continued support from SalesWorks as well.

Ben Smith, Business Development Manager

SalesWorks taught me new approaches to recruiting and maintaining a top performing sales team. Digging into each individual, rather than the collective team has helped me play to their strengths, driving performance and motivation. The focus on managing Sales Teams in a remote environment has been an unexpected necessity!

Heather Adams, SDR Manager

The senior SDR workshop helped me develop and improve fundamental areas including storytelling, understanding pain and an intelligent discovery process. This workshop gave me an understanding, framework and repeatable process, enabling me to succeed as an SDR but has also set the foundation for a successful sales career.

Nick Horton, Sales Director

Brilliant course. Really enjoyed the two sessions. Shabri is clearly a leader of her field and I am really glad we got to participate. I especially liked hearing about similar experiences from other SDR Managers in similar situations with similar team dynamics -all good learning!

Ellan Needham, Business Development Team Leader,

This two half-day workshop got straight into what matters most - whether that's data, managing up and across, metrics that matter or situational leadership and hiring. Very interactive with a small group. Highly recommend. There appears to be a gap in workshops that address the challenges of SDR management and this workshop ticked all my required boxes!

Rich Mullins, Work Vivo

The whole workshop was extremely relevant to my SDR Manager role. Loads of learnings that can be implemented quickly and easily in my business. I now feel very well prepared for future challenges as we scale.

Joe Chapman, Employee Ideas Specialist